Conrad Festival after hours

Colson Whitehead, an author honoured with National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize, popular literature and genre cinema lover will met the readers on 3 December in Krakow as part of the Conrad Festival after hours series. The meeting will begin at 5.00 p.m. at Pod Baranami Cinema. It will be finished with a showing of the film I Am Not Your Negro (beginning at 7.00 p.m.) that will be introduced by the writer himself.

Free tickets are available here: www.colson-whitehead.evenea.pl The number of invitations is limited.

Whitehead has become extremely popular with his novel The Underground Railroad. It is a name used by the abolitionists, describing a trafficking network that was created with a view to help the slaves that escaped from plantations. Thanks to the network, the fugitives could get to the North, where with a little luck and with the help of some people, they were able to start a new, safer life. The luck was necessary, as it frequently happened that slave catchers followed them. That is what the book is about on a very basic level: about the escape of a young Cora, who is chased by one of the “hunters”. However, Whitehead made a volt: in his novel, the underground train really does run under the ground like an abolitionist subway. Above, there is a world of white people, in which almost every single act of violence is justified and explained under a coherent system of beliefs, more important than human lives for many. Beneath – like in arteries of an enormous body – the title “black blood” flows, raged and looking for the outlet.

Grzegorz Jankowicz, Conrad Festival Programme Director, will host the meeting with Colson Whitehead.

Organisers: Krakow Festival Office – the operator of the Krakow UNESCO City of Literature programme, Tygodnik Powszechny Foundation. ALBATROS Publishing House is the co-organiser of the meeting.

The project was co-funded by the Minister for Culture and National Heritage.

Join us: www.facebook.com/events/138958463536401

Organizers: Krakow Festival Office – the operator of the UNESCO programme in Krakow, Tygodnik Powszechny Foundation. The co-organizer is the ALBATROS Publishing House.


Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


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