Claudio Magris soon in Krakow

Claudio Magris – prose writer, essayist, translator, and Germanist, professor of contemporary German literature at the University of Trieste – will meet with readers in Krakow on Thursday (the 24th of October). A highly regarded scientist of world renown, an Italian by origin, he regularly publishes in the best European periodicals, such as the Italian magazine Corriere della Sera and the Polish quarterly Zeszyty Literackie. He has received many prestigious prizes, including the Erasmus, Herder, and Vilenica Prizes. In 2009, he received the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, which is awarded annually at the Book Fair in Frankfurt am Main. We would like to invite you to the meeting with Claudio Magris at the International Cultural Centre (Rynek Główny 25) at 8 p.m. It will be hosted by Grzegorz Jankowicz.

To date, the following of his books were published in Polish: Danubio (1990), Microcosmi (2002), Altro mare (2004), Alla cieca (2006), Illazioni su una sciabola (2009), Itaca e oltre (2009), L’infinito viaggiare (2009), and Le voci (2010). Apart from the first two books, co-translated by Anna Osmólska-Mętrak, all the other works were translated by Joanna Ugniewska in an outstanding manner.

As regards the matter of literary creation, he is fascinated mainly with Central Europe as a place where various cultural influences intermingle. One of the examples of such multiculturalism is his hometown Trieste, to which Microcosms is devoted. He is also fascinated with history observed from various perspectives and places where languages and traditions intermingle. In order to enhance this diversity, he makes use of various genres and combines them into a specific travel diary.

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