City of Literature Creative Writing Course

In July, we conducted a recruitment for the first creative writing course under the brand of City of Literature by UNESCO. Among over hundreds of submitted text samples, we have selected 15 participants, who will be able to learn the secrets of good writing, at workshops in September and October, which will be guided by the best polish authors and experts from the publishing industry. Among these are writers such as, Mark Krajewski, Anna Janko, Wita Szostaka and Filip Modrzejeskwi, editor Magdalena Dębowska from the publishing group FOKSAL, and editors and specialists in copyright and law of publishing from the publishing group KARAKTER.

We will be publishing a guide written by Artur Wisniewski, an academic lecturer and editor associated with the publishing group ‘Znak’ for many years, particularly for those who didn’t get signed up on the creative writing course.

The course has a total of seven chapters, an each of them connects to the following stages of creating a book. The guide will give hints as to where one can find inspiration, and how to perfect the workshop. Thanks to the guide you will learn the secrets of creating a captivating storyline as well as learning which features a hero should have, to arouse strong emotions in the reader. You’ll read about editing your texts, finding the best suited publisher for your book – and how to negotiate with them. Each of the chapters offer valuable guidance in addition to the relevant parts of the merits, such as interesting examples, sets with exercises and a list of inspiring reading material, so that you get the opportunity to expand your knowledge on the matter.

Most importantly, a further literary stimuli awaits you – Short films, in which you’ll see famous writers talk about what helps them in writing, where to look for inspiration and give advices for novice writers.

The creative writing course, which concept and curriculum was developed by Karolina Macios and Magdalena Zielińska, both editors with years of experience, is part of a program offering support for literary debutants in Krakow City of Literature UNESCO. Belonging to the programme is also a contest, which allows authors to publish their first book, called Promoters of Debuts. It is organized by Institut Książki and the foundation of Tygodnika Powszechnego in collaboration with the Conrad Festival, Krakow Festival Office, Tygodnik Powszechnym and the Conrad Award. The previously mentioned are  intended to distinguish the best literary debutants and facilitate their future career. This year the prize will be awarded for the first time. Perhaps one of the graduates of  the creative writing course by City of Literature UNESCO, will win the prize in the following years? We’re counting on it – and in the meantime you can expect more news from us soon!

The creative writing course is organized by the Krakow Festival Office. The project is implemented in the programme City of Literature by UNESCO. The original concept of the course is developed by Karolina Macios (editor, ghostwriter, writer, specialist of literary projects) and Magdalena Zielińska (translator, editor, culture manager). The project was financed by the National Cultural Centre in conjunction with the programme Culture – Interventions 2015.

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