Cities of Literature in Dublin

From 23rd  to 25th May, the Sub-network Meeting of the UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature brought together representatives of Barcelona (Spain), Dublin (Ireland), Edinburgh (Scotland), Granada (Spain), Heidelberg (Germany), Iowa City (United States), Krakow (Poland), Ljubljiana (Slovenia), Lviv (Ukraine), Melbourne (Australia), Norwich (UK),  Nottingham (UK), Obidos (Portugal), Prague (Czech Republic), Reykjavik (Iceland) Tartu (Estonia) and Ulyanovsk (Russia).

Participants shared their opinions on issues related to future developements of the Sub-network, shared best practices and discussed future partnerships. The meeting also included discussion of future organization, how to support new member cities and strategies nurturing freedom of expression within the Network. The representatives of the Network also enjoyed a special viewing of the Book of Kells, a bus tour of literary Dublin, and the opportunity to enjoy Irish culture in a special performance.

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