“Był sobie król… Poczet Jagiellonów” under the patronage of KMLU  

The wspieram.to platform is currently promoting a crowdfunding campaign to publish the book Był sobie król… Poczet Jagiellonów [There was a king… The Jagiellonian Dynasty]. This is the second part of a series for young and adult fans of Polish history by Mariusz Wollny.The author is principally known for his series about detective Kacper Ryx, who tracked criminals in the sixteenth-century Krakow, and solved authentic criminal cases.

Był sobie król… [There was a king…] is, in turn, a three-volume popular series that presents history of Poland in an intelligible manner.These are books for a whole family, and books for life.They instruct and entertain by telling a story about our ancestors, starting from legendary times, and ending with the last kings.Without presenting unnecessary dry facts, while illustrated with brilliant pictures by Zuza Wollny, and enriched with many interesting curiosities, they prove our history can be not less fascinating than the best HBO or Netflix series.

Był sobie król

The first two volumes were published several years ago by Bellona, and were completely sold out.After many years of fans’ pleading, Mariusz Wollny has decided to republish the series under the brand of his own micro-publishing house, JAMA.Late in the last year, with the help from readers, also through the wspieram.to platform, he managed to publish Poczet Piastów [The Piast Dynasty], while now is the time for the second part, Poczet Jagiellonów [The Jagiellonian Dynasty].

Click on the image below and read the whole volume one!

Był sobie król

You are welcome to support the publication of this beautiful and elegantly published, wise book. You can do so by pre-ordering your own copy, as well as unique gadgets related to it.The campaign on the wspieram.to platform will last until the end of July, with the official premiere planned for the Book Fair in Krakow in October.

The Krakow Festival Office and Krakow UNESCO City of Literature are partners to the campaign.


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