Był sobie król… Poczet Jagiellonów (Once there was a king… Pictorial Guide to the Jagiellonian Dynasty) by Mariusz and Zuza Wollny

The lover of history, beautiful publications or just good literature will be pleased to hear that a book Był sobie król… Poczet Jagiellonów by Mariusz and Zuza Wollny has just been published. It is a second part of an extraordinarily interesting popular science series for native history lovers of any age. On the pages of several volumes, the authors tell a colourful story about our past based on the lives of Polish rulers, princes and – obviously – of Polish kings, all full of trivia and humour. The written content is accompanied with wonderful illustrations and the whole thing was designed and published with real taste and with extreme attention to details.

The first part of the series on the Piast dynasty was published last year and it truly delighted the readers of every age. The second volume tells a story of the rulers of the Jagiellonian dynasty (with a short prelude about the Angevins) who had led the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania to the heights of its power. Władysław Jagiełło, Mikołaj Kopernik, Bona Sforza, the battle of Grunwald, and the Prussian Homage – these are characters and events that probably every single person knows… Yet, have you heard of the Babin Republic, which was the first Polish cabaret in which Mikołaj Rej, Jan Kochanowski and some others performed? Or about the cheese war that was fought between Elizabeth of Austria and her mother-in-law, already mentioned Queen Bona? These and many more tidbits can be found on more than 400 pages of Poczet Jagiellonów. A foldable Battle of Grunwald illustration by the master Jan Matejko in the re-interpretation of Zuza Wollny is a real icing on the cake.

Both the first and the second part of the series, as well as the other works of Mariusz Wollny may be purchased (signed and with an inscription!) directly from the author at Skład Towarów Rarytnych at Kacper Ryks’s (3 St. Mary’s Square, Krakow) and by mail on www.sklep.kacperryx.pl

Krakow Festival Office and Krakow UNESCO City of Literature are partners of this edition.


„Był sobie król... Poczet Jagiellonów” Mariusza i Zuzy Wollnych

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