Book’s not dead. A new literary program kicks off

Unusual conversations about literature, new books and a pinch of good music. Just the next Sunday you are welcome to listen to a unique broadcast Book’s not dead on the air of radiofonia.net. The programme, hosted by Katarzyna Trzeciak and Michał Sowiński, will be aired every other Sunday from 18:00 to 19:00, starting from February 22. The first episode will feature a conversation about Andrzej Stasiuk’s book Wschód (East), and the guest will be Ziemowit Szczerek. The radio programme is produced under the auspices of the City of Kraków, the UNESCO City of Literature.

Among the literary radio programmes, Book’s not dead is a corpse, which is quite alive (and kicking, for that matter!). The hosts will quicken the traditional formula of conversation about books, and will do it with their usual exaggeration. Each episode will feature an interview with one guest and about one book. Sometimes the hosts will flatter the bourgeois tastes, and sometimes will act as punk rockers of the Polish critics. They invite the celebrities of the literary world (sometimes those who are just aspiring). They fetish mainly the literary novelties, but they are punk rockers enough to keep coming back to the classics. In terms of subject, they are willing to agree with de Sade that literature should tell you everything, so they do not restrain themselves. Though they do feel intimidated at times, because it was philosophy that was supposed to say this, according to de Sade.

Since they like to exaggerate both in terms of interpretation and critics, they have two mottos: The platform for dispute has been outlined from Michel Houellebecq, and from Dark Foks: Wash me, / but do not soak me. Do they have anything in common? They don’t know it yet; but listen to them on Sunday evenings at radiofonia.net, because maybe something will be revealed.

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