Blockbusting Grochola

Neither rain nor the Ski Jumping World Cup competition and the sensational victory of young Polish ski jumper, Krzysztof Biegun, discouraged you. As usual, you turned up in crowds at the Wyspiański Pavilion to participate in this year’s penultimate edition of the Second Life of a Book campaign. This time, Katarzyna Grochola’s novels were an indisputable hit of our book exchange. There was also something for those who prefer more ambitious literature – Wisława Szymborska’s poetry or Stanisław Lem’s always equally popular novels. Several dozens of books which did not find new owners this time were donated to a school library in Niedźwiedź. They were carefully selected by its librarian to whom we would like to thank for her commitment. There are two more editions ahead of us this year: we would like to invite you to Gołębnik on the 11th of December  and to the Wyspiański Pavilion four days later (the 15th of December).

Read an account of yesterday’s book exchange in Dziennik Literacki.

The Second Life of a Book is a joint campaign of the Krakow Festival Office and Bookeriada.pl. Everyone can take part in the free book swap; just bring at least one book and a maximum of ten books if they are in good condition. Books published till 1995 can be swapped only for those that were also published till that year, whereas newer books (published after 1995) can be swapped for every book available during the given book swap. Find out more about the campaign at: www.drugiezycieksiazki.pl.

Media partners: RMF Classic and Fragile.
Partners: Galeria Krakowska, Strefa Wolnego Czytania, Klubokawiarnia likeKonik

The project was subsided from the resources of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

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