Best reporters in Krakow again!

Exactly in one month, we are about to host the second edition of NON-FICTION Documentary Festival.On August 25-27, you will be able to meet  Artur Domosławski, Andrzej Mularczyk, Aleksandra Lipczak, Tomasz Grzywaczewski, Paweł P. Reszka, Konrad Kruczkowski, or Katarzyna Kwiatkowska-Moskalewicz. The event will be co-organised by the Krakow Festival Office, operator of the Krakow UNESCO City of Literature programme.

The first edition of the festival was organised under the theme of BORDERS.This year, the organisers have decided for CHANGE.

“With the authors, we will attempt to find the answer to questions about the nature of changes, their pace, importance, image, and impact on our everyday lives,” says Szymon Pasaj from the Re-prezentacje Association who organises the festival.  “«Change» as the theme for the festival has a very broad meaning – from global changes, galloping technological revolution, and grand social movements, through single local stories that we could not imagine even five years ago,” he adds.

Artur Domosławski is one of the major Polish reporters of the 21st century.He is the author of the “Kapuściński. Non-fiction” bestseller that acted as an earthquake among Polish reporters and received considerable publicity worldwide.His last collection of documentaries from the global south (Wykluczeni/The Excluded) is a shocking image of people deprived of voice, meaning, often self-ness, and we will be pleased to talk with him about the pauperisation, exclusion, precariat, and masses without the voice.

Fans of non-fiction literature need no introduction for Andrzej Mularczyk.He is the Nestor of Polish documentary.  A writer, reporter, scriptwriter, radio journalist.A true treasure of reporter knowledge (born in 1930).  His entire life is a continuous change; the festival will be a unique opportunity to see Andrzej Mularczyk live in Krakow.

This year’s edition of the festival will be held in several locations: the centre will be located on Dolnych Młynów Street, but meetings will also take place at Pauza in Garden.The organisers wish to continue the ambitious assumption to show various shades of documentary:literature, film, radio, and photos.Leading Polish reporters have confirmed their participation in the meetings, discussions, and exhibitions.

The NON-FICTION Festival is the first Polish event entirely dedicated to documentaries.


Announcements, biographies, curiosities, and new information to be found at the festival sites on  facebook and www.nonfiction.pl.

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