Aid fund of the Wisława Szymborska Foundation

The 31st of March 2014 is the deadline for applications for aid granted to writers and translators who are in difficult financial situations. Writers and translators who have financial problems can apply for financial support under the Aid Fund established by the Wislawa Szymborska Foundation. The aid has been granted since 2013 , twice a year – in spring and autumn, by the Aid Committee consisting of: Teresa Walas – Chairperson, Ireneusz Kania, Piotr Matywiecki, Bożena Ptak, Iwona Smolka, Jan Strządała and Beata Szymańska.

The aid is granted upon the application of the writer or translator of literature, the Polish Writers’ Union, Pen-Club, the Book Institute, other associations of writers and organisations acting in support of the writers’ or translators’ community. Relevant documents justifying the need for aid should be attached to the application.

For detailed information about aid see the Foundation’s website: www.szymborska.org.pl/fundusz-pomocy.html

In 2013, aid was granted under the spring and the autumn tranches.

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