A walk following the paths of the Krakow Avant-Garde with Jacek Olczyk

Fans of the literature of the inter-war period, readers, Cracovians, and visitors to Krakow are welcome to the literary walk along the traces of the Krakow Avant-Garde.On July 8, the tour around Krakow will be led by Jacek Olczyk, doctor of humanities of the Jagiellonian University and INALCO in Paris, holder of a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, chronicler of literary life in Krakow, author of Życie literackie w Krakowie [Literary Life in Krakow] (Ha!art 2016).Currently prepares a monograph about Tadeusz Peiper’s years in Krakow.

A 90-minute walk around Krakow will be an attempt to point to specific places, anchoring them in time and space, which best characterise the Krakow Avant-Garde.Visiting these several points on the city map will allow you to move not only to the inter-war period, but also to learn about the Avant-Garde society, their magazines, editors, cafeterias, as well as their literary opponents.You can also learn about many details, such as why Peiper ran away from Krakow at the age of twenty, just before the outbreak of World War I, and what happened in Krakow’s literary world before he began to publish his “Zwrotnica” after his return.

This coherent, although non-chronological narration will be an attempt to present some of the most outstanding poets and theoreticians of the Avant-Garde, as well as places where they met on everyday basis.The trail of over 3 km will include stops at Kurek House, where the editors of “Linia” had their seat, Peiper’s apartment on Jagiellońska Street, “Peiperownia”/”Peiper House” and the legendary “Szmatka” Café, where the members of the Avant-Garde used to meet.



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