A View of Krakow on Polvision

On the 13th of July (Saturday) at 8 p.m. Polvision showed the film Widok Krakowa [A View of Krakow] directed by Magdalena Piekorz! The film features Adam Zagajewski as the host taking the viewers around “his” Krakow. As you may remember, the Krakow Festival Office is the producer of the Polish episode of the City(W)rites series – Magdalena Piekorz’s Widok Krakowa – and the shooting was supported by the Krakow Film Commission.

Widok Krakowa is a part of the City (W)Wites international literary and film project, , which presents the literary capitals of Europe through meetings with writers connected with these cities. The role of the ambassador of Krakow and Malopolska region is played by Adam Zagajewski, who introduces the audience to his masters, favourite places and his friends among authors. There will also be reminiscences of other outstanding authors connected with the city: Wisława Szymborska and Czesław Miłosz. Participants of the 3rd Czesław Milosz Festival were the first to watch this film.

Polvision is the oldest and largest Polish television station outside Poland, which broadcasts its 24-hour program every day on the generally available free digital channel 24.4 and on the Comcast cable network on channel 397. The range of Polvision encompasses Chicago and its suburbs. For over 20 years Polvision has served a numerous population of Poles in Chicago by promoting Polish culture and maintaining the traditions and contact with the native language. Polvision’s cameras are every place where something important is happening for a Pole living in America. The television also tries to bring interesting productions from Poland for the purpose of their broadcasting. It is part of the Polnet Communication LTD media group, which also comprises Polskie Radio Chicago AM 1030 WNVR.

The producer is the Krakow Festival Office, with TVP and the Book Institute as partners. The project is supported by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage with funds from the Promoting Readership program. The funds are managed by the Book Institute.


The film’s media patron is the lubimyczytac.pl portal.

The Polish episode of the City(W)rites is being produced under the Reading Malopolska project. Reading Malopolska is a project envisaged for the years 2007?2013 and supported with the funds of the Malopolska Regional Operational Programme, under which Malopolska and its capital, Krakow, want to communicate their literary heritage and participate in the building of a network of co-operation of creative regions in the field of literature.

The project Literacka Małopolska is co-financed by the European Union as part of the The Malopolska Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 ERDF.

 Pic. Michał Sosna

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