A literary meeting at Czuły Barbarzyńca

Today (the 28th of January) at 6:30 p.m., we would like to invite you to Czuły Barbarzyńca (ul. Powiśle 11) for a series of lectures and presentations organised as part of the academic project entitled: Polish literature after 1989 in light of Pierre Bourdieu’s theory. The guests of today’s meeting will include: Tomasz Warczok, Grzegorz Jankowicz, Piotr Marecki, and Jakub Woynarowski. The organiser is the Korporacja Ha!art Foundation. We highly recommend the event!

Tomasz Warczok – Pierre Bourdieu’s sociology of literature – continuations, inspirations, criticism

The lecture concerns the potential ways of developing Bourdieu’s sociology of literature. Specific research strategies and the results of empirical studies by G. Sapiro, P. Casanova, and B. Lahire will be presented in a synthetic manner. The unfinished study of the French field of publishers that Bourdieu was carrying out right before his death will constitute the axis of the lecture. It may be a valuable hint and an inspiration for further explorations of literary fields in various national contexts.

Grzegorz Jankowicz – (Polish) Literary festivals as a tool for the expansion of the literary field

The first European literary festival was organised in the mid-20th century. During the following decades, there were only several similar events of an international reach. It was not until the 1990s, and the post-2000 period in particular, that this form of literature presentation became a popular tool for expanding the literary field. What was the function of the first Polish events of this kind? How did their structure and position within the field change and how has the literary field been using them to develop relations with other fields?

Piotr Marecki – Comparative Textual Media – awareness of the textual medium in the era of the digital humanities

A review of the latest literature and theoretical dictionaries concerning the phenomenon of the materiality of literature, the remediation of print, the textual medium, and the technological look at the process of producing a literary work. A presentation of selected works experimenting with the textual medium.

Jakub Woynarowski – Visual Storytelling: methods of visualising knowledge

The presentation constitutes a review of selected ways of data visualisation discernible in the activities of the representatives of various environments (designers, illustrators, journalists, and scholars) with the use of a diverse arsenal of means (infographics, maps, illustrations, photography, etc.). The thematic scope of the lecture includes both issues from the area of visual communication design and experimental strategies developed by contemporary visual artists.

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