3rd edition of the Children Literature Festival

The Children Literature Festival is the largest European event, devoted solely to the literature for the youngest readers. 2016 will see the 3rd edition of the event. The Festival will once again take place in four Polish cities, including Krakow.

The Children Literature Festival is challenging rapidly falling readership. Despite the low statistics and gloomy prospects, the organisers want to raise the new generation of readers and prove that reading is not passé, and that literature can bring a lot of fun and joy.

The shaping of literary attitudes in children and taking care of those who already caught the literary bug is just as important. The festival wants to inspire everyone to explore new works by new authors – preferably the best ones, as one of the main goals of the events is teaching how to evaluate works, as well as promoting conscious and active readership.

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In 2016, the Children Literature Festival will once again accompany the Miłosz Festival. We are going to experience a few days full of fun and great literature. The programme comprises over 40 events with one common theme – travels and journeys. Not only in space and time, but also inside.

What’s in the plan? The author meetings are the core of any literary festival – including this one! We are going to meet Jarosław Mikołajewski (and walk around Rome with him), Rafał Kosik (and the characters from his new series – Amelia and Kuba), Andrzej Maleszka (author of The Magic Tree, who does not need to be introduced to anyone), Wojciech Widłak (author of Pan Kuleczka) and Zofia Fabianowska-Micy (Banzai. Japan for the Curious). There will be also a wide variety of artistic workshops, led by Grażka Lange and Daniel de Latour, who will come to the festival for the first time, as well as Marianna Oklejak (ethno-travels) and Tomasz Samojlik (animals).

Of course, we cannot forget to mention the readings before sunset, with many well-known figures, including our Mayor, Jacek Majchrowski. Apart from listening, the children will also participate in many activities – learning calligraphy, visiting a stained glass workshop, discover long-forgotten instruments, crafts and customs.

The festival will of course provide even more fun! We are going to hunt mysteries (not with a real gun, mind you!) during a family urban game titled Mystery Hunters. The finale concert will delight us all with Roma rhythms. It is also worthwhile to visit the Szczepański Square, where the PINXIT! exhibition by Bohdan Butenko will be hosted (we hope that we don’t have to introduce Gapiszon, do we?). Additionally, the Literary Emergency Room will also be operating there – thanks to them no one will be left without a prescription for a book and some literature.

Admission to the event is free, however the participants need to sign-up at: rejestracja@fldd.pl.

Check out the programme of the festival in Krakow here.

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