26 August – The city of future? – literary Nowa Huta

We invite you to another literary walk, this time a cycling tour in Nowa Huta (be sure to take your bikes with you). A futuristic city, a palimpsest city, a utopian city. When sightseeing Nowa Huta, we will follow the track of fantasy and utopian literary creations while exploring the city’s multilevel structure and history. We will look into the smelting plant and take a peek beneath the surface of the city; we will investigate the amazing imagination of writers and poets. Whether it is because Nowa Huta was artificially formed or for other reasons – there is something about this “city near Krakow” that particularly stirs the imagination and expectations of literary artists. We will study this phenomenon. Propaganda literature and Lenin will pop up, as well as crime fiction and fantasy.




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