103rd anniversary of Czesław Miłosz’s birthday

On 30th June, 103 years will pass from the birth of Czesław Miłosz, who passed away a decade ago. The portal NINATEKA (www.ninateka.pl) run by the National Audiovisual Institute invites you to celebrate the anniversary of birth of the Nobel-Prize winner. Under the theme of the week devoted to Czesław Miłosz, from 30th June to 6th July the portal will present audiovisual materials about the poet, his life and work, places connected with him and people who were close to him. The special broadcastings and recordings will also be made available courtesy the Polish Radio, Radio France Internationale and the Pogranicze Foundation.


In 1960, Czesław Miłosz moved from France to the US. He began to lecture Slavic literature at the University of California, Berkeley. In the Polisu Radio broadcast Miejsca Miłosza: Berkeley (Miłosz’s places: Berkeley), Adam Lizakowski – the poet living in Chicago, who studied at the University of California and sometimes visited the poet at his home – talks about his personal encounters with Czesław Miłosz. The materials also include an episode from the series Archipelag Miłosz (Archipelago: Miłosz) devoted to the award of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Czesławi Miłosz. Andrzej Franaszek, the author of Miłosz’s biography, talks about the importance of this award in the historical and political context, as well as a change in the perception of Miłosz poetry after the award; Miłosz prywatny (Miłosz privately) – is a broadcast in which people close to the Nobel Prize winner draw his portrait as a person curious of people and all kinds of novelty, caring, leading a busy social life and with an outstanding sense of humour. Julia Hartwig, Jerzy Illg, Andrzej Franaszek and others talk about Miłosz.


Radio France Internationale’s Czesław Miłosz and France was broadcasted after the death of the poet, using excerpts from Czesław Miłosz’s books and articles and comments by Polish emigré activists and people dealing with Polish arts in France: Henryk Giedroyć, Zofia Hertz of the Institute of Literature, Danuta Szumska of the Centre for Dialogue and Brigitte Gautier of the University of Lille. Anna Bernhardt and Wojciech Sikora talk about the artist’s links with Paris, his attitude to French intellectual trends in literature, his first years in exile and the popularity of his works in France. The Radio France Internationale programmes: Czesław Miłosz about his links with France and French culture, as well as other materials, e.g.: Konstanty Jeleński about Gombrowicz and Miłosz – an interview in which the essayist and literary critic Konstanty Jeleński talks with Maria Wiernikowska, sharing his admiration for Czesław Miłosz’s poetry; Czesław Miłosz o stosunkach polsko-litewskich, poezji i współczesnej Polsce, (Czesław Miłosz about Polish-Lithuanian relations, poetry and contemporary Poland) , in which one can hear the poet reading his works, will be available.


The recording of the meeting on 14 August 2012 in Krasnogruda, on the eighth anniversary of Czesław Miłosz’s death was made available courtesy the Pogranicze Foundation. Andrzej Franaszek talks about the poet’s closest family, his relations with his parents and his uncle, as well as about women and lie in his life.


The recording: Tomas Venclova o Czesławie Miłoszu, (Tomas Venclova on Czesław Miłosz) in which the Lithuanian writer talks about how he discovered Miłosz’s poetry, about his stay in Berkeley, their acquaintances – philosophers and poets, Miłosz’s interest in masonry symbols and the evenings they spent over a bottle of wine will also be available. The unique material provided by the Pogranicze Foundation is the film by Andrzej Miłosz – the poet’s brother, Czesław Miłosz. Czciciel rzek (The worshipper of rivers). It is a short film from 1999, where we see Czesław Miłosz’s visiting Šeteniai in Lithuania, where the poet was born and spent his childhood.


On 4th July the Polish Radio drama Dolina Issy. Czesław Miłosz. (The Valley of Issa) will be made available. Extensive excerpts of this autobiographical novel of Czesław Miłosz will be read by Andrzej Seweryn. Dolina Issy is a story about the growing up of a young man and his personality developing in the context of the multicultural tradition and complex present times.


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