UNESCO City of Literature Course on Writing Crime Novels

Six-month programme of the UNESCO City of Literature Course on Writing Crime Novels starts on September 3 and will be led by, among others, the queen of Polish crime fiction, Katarzyna Bonda and popular novelists: Katarzyna Puzyńska and Mariusz Czubaj.

12 successful authors of submitted entries will spend 10 weekends filled with classes with leading crime fiction writers, editors, and experts in copyright, brand building, creative thinking and editorial process. The instructors include authors and Magdalena Dębowska, international law expert and owner of Karakter publishing company, Maciej Marcisz, who was head of promotion for Muza publishing company for 3 years, Wojciech Wocław, expert in public speaking and Filip Modrzejewski, editor at Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal, who collaborates with popular contemporary authors of crime fiction.

During the course students will learn:

  • How to create an original protagonist of a crime novel
  • What to pay attention to in the process of contriving and elaborating the plot
  • How to derive inspiration from literature, film, popular culture and social phenomena
  • How to create a credible psychological portrait of a criminal
  • How to appal the reader, and unconventionally kill the protagonist
  • How to prepare a publication offer and avoid rejection
  • How to sign a profitable contract with a publisher
  • Why an author needs an editor
  • How to manage public speaking
  • How to build a public image in social media

Above all, students will have the opportunity to work on their texts under the guidance of the best specialists in the country for many hours.

The course is organised by the Krakow Festival Office within the UNESCO City of Literature programme. The course was designed by Karolina Macios (editor, ghostwriter, cultural manager) and Magdalena Zielińska (translator, editor, cultural manager). Media patron: Lubimy czytać.pl

Detailed information and schedule can be found at: http://pisz.miastoliteratury.pl/kurs-pisania-kryminalow-miasta-literatury-unesco/