The Second Life of a Book

The unique campaign – a great free book swap the Second Life of a Book – is a real treat for book lovers. If you have your own book collections, the very fact of having books on your shelves is your pride and joy. Even if, by definition, you love and cherish all of them, when you think for a while, you might point out at least one book you love a little less – an impulse buy, an unwanted gift, a book you have grown out of or you just find boring. The book you don’t read anymore loses its magical power. But it should not be wasted! Our advice? Find the book its new owner!

Exchange participation rules are simple: it is enough to bring at least one, but no more than ten books. Important: the books must be in good condition. If you bring books published before 1995, you will be able to swap them only for other books published before 1995. People who bring new books (published after 1995) are allowed to select from all books, new and old alike. The Second Life of a Book keeps growing. Last year, nearly 3500 Cracovians swapped 16000 books, which makes the previous edition of the campaign largest to date.

We meet at the Tourist Service Centre, 11 Powiśle Street. Special editions are also planned to be held during major literary events, e.g. the Conrad Festival or the Book Fair, as well as during popular events such as Francophonie Month!