Recently, there has been a bit of a curse of abundance in Cracovian culture. So many events, initiatives, undertakings and ideas have appeared that it’s hard to complain. On the other hand, it is difficult to keep up with everything. Each month, week and day brings novelties we often learn about too late. Finally, there is a solution: LiteraTURA. LiteraTURA is an initiative of the Krakow Festival Office whose purpose is the integration of Krakow’s entire literary milieu. Information about literary events – including meetings with authors, workshops, lectures, literary walks, concerts or exhibits – planned for a given month in Krakow will directly come to readers’ emails. They will receive all the tools necessary to plan and look for interesting initiatives that they otherwise could not have encountered. Even the best among us do not follow the websites of every single literary café and cultural community centre in the city. The creators of LiteraTURA will do it for us. What do you gain by participating In the programme? If you decide to take part in the LiteraTURA programme, then information about the event organised by you:

  • Will appear on the Krakow UNESCO City of Literature’s website as well as on our social media profiles.
  • Will be sent to the subscribers of the Krakow UNESCO City of Literature’s monthly literary newsletter.
  • Will be sent in the form of a mailing to the media (to journalists writing for newspapers as well as local and national literary and cultural magazines).
  • The most interesting events will be featured in our Karnet magazine.

LiteraTURA is an element of the Krakow UNESCO City of Literature’s strategy. Its priorities include: the integration of diverse literary life; the creation of bonds between literature, new media and the creative industries; the shaping of readers’ attitudes; the creation of conditions for the presence of literature in the public space; and literary education. Download the form, complete it before the 10th of every month and send us information about the event organised in the next month to the address: Together we will create LiteraTURA, a many-dimensional campaign communicating about literary events in Krakow.