Kacper Ryx and the King of Beggars

We made it! On the 15 of November, the wspieram.to crowdfunding campaign for Kacper Ryx i król żebraków (Kacper Ryx and the King of Beggars) concluded, and it was a huge success. The creators not only managed to raise the money for the basic board game, but also managed to surpass two additional stretch goals. Overall, the audience contributed almost 40 000 PLN, while the creators asked only for 30 000. Thanks to the great interest of the fans, the gameplay will be even better.

We – the Krakow Festival Office – are happy to have been a supporting partner of the campaign from the very beginning, and we included it in the Krakow City of Literature Project, which greatly contributed to its success. During the Conrad Festival, we also organised an urban game, which required the players to visit the famous taverns and inns of Krakow in order to complete the tasks handed out there. The fact that it was our first crowdfunding campaign makes us even prouder.

The game was supported by almost 400 backers, which proves that people are interested in gang wars in Krakow and the character of Kacper Ryx, created by Mariusz Wollny, author of a series of books about the 16th century detective. The creators of the game – Łukasz Wrona, Piotr Krzystek and Daniel Budacz – reversed the roles. The players of this thrilling and dynamic board game become bosses of gangs, fighting for the reign over the underworld of the Renaissance-era Krakow and the title of the mythical King of Beggars. The players fight each other, but they also have a common enemy, who will not stop until the bloodshed ends. This, of course, is Kacper Ryx, who tracks and punishes players for their crimes, constantly getting in their way.


The success of the campaign also means that Mariusz Wollny will write a new short story about Kacper Ryx, based on the plot of the board game. You can read the introduction here.

Visit the game’s profile on Facebook, where you will find the latest information concerning the project: www.facebook.com/krolzebrakow