Creative Writing Course

UNESCO City of Literature’s Creative Writing Course provided the opportunity to learn the writing secrets of the top Polish writers including Marek Krajewski, Wit Szostak and Anna Janko during six weekend sessions. The participants were able to meet with industry experts who told them how to overcome writer’s block, how to negotiate with a publisher and how to best present oneself to the public.

In addition to writers, the lecturers included: Filip Modrzejewski, editor of the Foksal Publishing Group; Magdalena Dębowska, a copyright law expert from the Karakter publishing house; and Wojciech Wocław, a public speaking expert.

Fifteen participants were selected to take part In the contest. They were chosen on the basis of a sample prose text. A text no longer than five standard typed pages (1,800 characters on each pages) had to in some way be related to Krakow. Once the course was finished, the organisers recommended the three best graduates to leading Krakow publishers.

The course was part of the programme supporting literary debuts in Krakow that was announced on June 17th 2015. It includes the Conrad Award for the best prose debut in 2014 as well as the “Debut Partners” programme of grants for publishers investing in debuting authors.

The course is organised by the Krakow Festival Office and is realised as part of the UNESCO City of Literature Programme. The course’s programme is the brainchild of Karolina Macios (an editor, ghostwriter, writer and literary projects specialist) as well as Magdalena Zieliński (a translator, editor and cultural manager). The project is subsidised by the National Centre for Culture’s Interventions 2015 programme.

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