Champion Bookstores of Krakow

Champion Bookstores of Krakow [Krakowskie Księgarnie na Medal] is a project by the City of Literature Foundation realised in 2016 as part of the city’s programme for supporting cultural activity in bookstores under the patronage of Krakow UNESCO City of Literature. The project conducted in collaboration with local bookstores and is designed for readers, books enthusiasts and booksellers in Krakow.

Krakow, a UNESCO City of Literature since 2013, can be proud of its literary character, but the title also constitutes an obligation. A number of such obligations were written in the city’s application for the title of creative city. The two words alone – literature and creative – are why the Foundation prepared a project that supports essential elements of our city’s literary pride – book industry and local bookstores.

The project will support the local book market through integration and coordination of rich cultural programme taking place at local bookstores. Through this effort, the bookstores will gain additional tools and methods of promotion, enrich their cultural offerings and attract new groups of participants of all ages and build lasting relationships with the readers.

Readers will benefit from tailor-made, diverse and attractive offerings of cultural events associated with local bookstores. For young readers, bookstores offers programmes that help make reading a habit, create a positive image of books and literature in general, and contribute to building cultural capital.

The project is an excellent promotional tool for the city, contributing to growth and recognition of Krakow’s cultural life on the international arena. It promotes Krakow as both a city of cultural innovation and a city that respects and cultivates its traditions. It shows how experience and innovations can work together; how the city develops through culture; how it advances modern methods of presenting culture, and proudly connects genres and fields of artistic creation in ways that appeal to people of all ages.


In collaboration with Krakow bookstores, the City of Literature Foundation prepared a program of cultural events, designed for multi-generational groups of participants, in the areas of literature, music, cultural and artistic education, travel, translation and science.

All events have been prepared in collaboration with the following bookstores:

Bonobo – travellers’ bookstore, Mały Rynek 4
Czytanie Bookstore, ul. Kalwaryjska 54
Czytanie Bookstore, ul. Długa 39
Czytanie Bookstore, ul. Królewska 88
Czytanie Bookstore, ul. Starowiślna 93a
Czytanie Bookstore, ul. Nowa Huta – Os. Centrum B 4
Edukator, French Bookstore, ul. Bronowicka 19
Matras 1610 Bookstore, Rynek Główny
Pod Globusem Bookstore, ul. Długa 11
Italicus, Italian Bookstore, ul. Kremerowska 11
Lokator Kawa & Książki, ul. Mostowa 1
Massolit Books & Coffee, ul. Felicjanek 4
Microscup, ul. Czarnowiejska 50b
„Ogniwo” Collective, Paulińska 28/LU
Metaforma Bookstore, ul. Powiśle 11
Bona Bookstore, ul. Kanonicza 11

The programme is available at and

The project is supported by the City of Krakow as part of the city’s programme for supporting cultural activity in bookstores.