Book’s Not Dead

Book’s Not Dead is a corpse, but a live (and even lively!) one among literary broadcasts. The broadcast’s authors bring life to the traditional format of discussions about books and do it with characteristic exaggeration. In each episode, they discuss one book with one guest. They are obsessed primarily with literary novelties, although they’re so punk that they constantly go back to the classics. Thematically, they somewhat concur with de Sade that “literature should say everything,” so they do not limit themselves, although that sometimes embarrasses them because philosophy was supposed to speak in de Sade’s books.

Because they like interpretive and critical exaggerations, they have two mottos: Michel de Houellebecq’s “The nature of the quarrel has been outlined” and Darek Foks’ “Wash me/but don’t get me wet.” Do they have something in common? They do not know yet, but listen to them on Sunday evenings at because perhaps something will become clear.