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18 June

The Visible and the Invisible – announcing the main programme of the 12th Conrad Festival!

The uniqueness of this year’s edition of the Conrad Festival is not only evidenced by the choice group of guests from all over the world, but also by the multitude and variety of topics discussed during the Festival. Due to the unpredictable pandemic situation in the world, this year for the first time in history we will connect online with the authors and authors, guests of the main event programme.

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27 January

The CELA project for talented writers and translators from Europe with the participation of Krakow UNESCO City of Literature!

5 days, 139 participants and 64 meetings, workshops and presentations – these are the numbers for the event that inaugurated the CELA project, in which we took between 13 and 17 of January in Brussels. Before us are 4 years of international collaboration on developing the book market in Europe and professionalising the activities of writers and translators in foreign markets.

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