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21 January

Nerd time – video games

This coming Thursday (the 23rd of January) at 5 p.m., we would like to invite everyone to the Arteteka of the Regional Public Library (ul. Rajska 12, 1st floor) for a meeting centred around the 43rd issue of the Ha!art magazine – Czas nerdów (Nerd Time). “Limitations stemming from the medium enable us to take a closer look at the history of gaming. And this is a graveyard of ideas. A fertile graveyard at that, or actually a jungle, in which there is a constant battle for turning an old idea into a new one, and the new one into a game-legend. Let’s turn up en masse, let’s do it in Ultra HD” – encourage the organisers. We will discuss the presence and the future of games, listen to passages from the issue, look at flash games, and listen to music. See you there!