The book market

Many of the most prestigious and the most important national publishing houses have their headquarters in Krakow, but there are also many small, exclusive, and niche bibliophile publishers. Parallel to the Conrad Festival, the largest book fair in Poland takes place here (almost 500 publishers from all over Poland present their offerings here each year), as does the only Children’s Book Fair in Poland since 2011. Krakow’s publishing companies publish more than 3,000 titles annually, printed in a  total number of about 6 million copies, and local writers and publishers receive the largest number of nominations for the leading Polish literary awards. There are close to 80 bookstores and almost 30 second-hand booksellers in the city. Krakow’s bookstores are among the best stocked in the country. Evidence of Krakow’s bookshop tradition may be the fact that one of the buildings on the Market Square has continually housed a bookstore since 1610.



Pic. Michał Ramus,