The activity of literary institutions

Numerous important literary institutions have chosen to base their activity in Krakow, including the Book Institute, the most important national institution dealing with the promotion of Polish literature abroad. The Polish Writers’ Union; the Polish Writers’ Association; the Polish Academy of Sciences (an independent institution serving the development and promotion of the sciences); and the Polish Academy of Learning all are headquartered here, along with countless other institutions, including non-profit organisations that support literary life in Krakow.

Many editorial offices of an array of newspapers, periodicals, and literary magazines also call Krakow home. Some of these, including Tygodnik Powszechny, the Znak monthly, Dekada Literacka and the trilingual Radar, provide an invaluable forum for popularising literature in the entire country. The editorial staff of the abovementioned publications actively participates in the organisation of literary festivals and events, as well as literary criticism and publishing activity.