Libraries, collections

Krakow is home to some of the first scriptoriums, libraries, and printing houses in this part of Europe. The oldest bookstore in Europe was established here in 1610. Today, several dozen libraries operate in the city: the regional library, municipal and district libraries, as well as scientific, academic, and university libraries. Krakow’s largest and most important library with a centuries-old tradition and international significance is the Jagiellonian Library that houses the most important relics and masterpieces of the Polish language and of world literature. The Jagiellonian Library also assembles and archives all Polish prints published in Poland and abroad. The former Municipal Arsenal houses the collection of the Czartoryski family, with priceless treasures of national literature, including a collection of the oldest manuscripts and antique books in Europe. Krakow’s archives contain treasures of European writing, including manuscripts and incunabula of unparalleled diversity and significance. Researchers are attracted to the libraries of the Polish Academy of Learning and the Polish Academy of Sciences, and the youth to one of the most modern and best stocked institutions collecting books in Poland: the Regional Public Library. Recently, the multimedia Arteteka library, which presents art, books, and literature in their latest incarnations, has also begun to operate at the Malopolska Garden of Arts.