A city of poetry

The literary legend of the city is to a large degree created by great poets. Krakow was a capital of literary modernism: it was here that the Polish futurists organised their literary provocations, the poetic avant-garde also has its roots here, and finally, Krakow is a place of artistic activity of poetry groups of the latest history of Polish and world literature. At the present, several hundred poets live and work here. Poetry soirées and poetry salons enjoy levels of popularity that are observable nowhere else in the world; they attract crowds of listeners and readers. Poets in Krakow are treated as semi-divine beings, and young budding poets take part in numerous competitions. As part of the 2000 European Capital of Culture celebrations in Krakow, the city became the place of the famous Meetings of the Poets of the East and the West, organised by the Polish winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature connected with Krakow: Wisława Szymborska and Czesław Miłosz. Today, premieres of poetry volumes, benefit performances, poetry marathons, and the Poetry Night initiated in 2011 also enjoy popularity. Meetings of Poets, organised by Adam Zagajewski and Edward Hirsch, also take place in Krakow. Poetry milieus focus around the Wydawnictwo a5 publishing house and the Korporacja Ha!art Foundation.


Pic. Tomasz Wiech