Liberature Reading Room

“Liberature” is a term coined by Katarzyna Bazarnik and Zenon Fajfer to describe literature in which the text and its physical representation (the manner of notation) constitute an inseparable whole (from Latin liber meaning “book”, “free”). Such works can take various forms: from the traditional codex to the leporello or concertina book, a book-in-the-box containing unbound sheets, and a book-in-the bottle. Examples of such works are known from the history of literature, although they weren’t described by this name until the term was coined; their authors include Laurence Sterne, William Blake, Stanisław Wyspiański, and James Joyce. The first Liberature Reading Room, founded in 2002, is a research and educational centre of this type of writing, collecting contemporary works of liberature and those anticipating it, as well as theoretical and scholarly publications, reviews, notes, press clippings, and promotional materials.