The Regional Public Library

Wojewódzka Biblioteka Publiczna (the Regional Public Library) in Krakow is the key institution devoted to books and literary life in the city and its region. WBP in Krakow collects, archives books and makes them available for readers, as well as supervises a network of local public libraries in Malopolska. Its inventory includes almost  500,000 items apart from Malopolska Digital Library, which comprises of almost 80,000 digital volumes. Since 2005, it has coordinated the activities of the Book Discussion Clubs for children, teenagers and adults which operate all over the region. The library’s culture and readership promotion programme is very rich, the WBP organises, for instance, training sessions, workshops, soirées, literary contests, exhibitions, bookcrossing events, on its own or in cooperation with other cultural institutions and non-governmental organizations. (among others, the Malopolska Region Reading Out Loud Contest, Książka za książkę [A Book for a Book] campaign, Malopoloska Region Book Days “Książka i Roża” [“Book and Rose”]). The library runs Strefa Bibliopatów (the Bibliopaths Zone) in which participants may freely exchange their books. Małopolskie Studio Komiksu (the Malopolska Comic Studio) has been operating for three years now at the WBP in Krakow and Krakow Comic Festival is organised annually. The library’s offer is addressed to various target groups and includes both activities for children and teenagers, as well as events held within a third age education programme, S@S ‒ Szkoła @ktywnego Seniora (School for Active Senior Citizens).

Since autumn 2012, Arteteka and Art Library of Regional Public Library in Krakow, whose resources and services are mostly art-oriented operate at the Małopolska Garden of Arts.