Free Reading Zone

STREFA WOLNEGO CZYTANIA (FREE READING ZONE) is for those who have selected reading and focus on literature: readers, publishers, and animators of culture. For all those who show others how to live and breathe books in a city that lives by books. The Zone includes people and places. Planned events and spontaneous campaigns. Publications and blog entries. The Zone is the literary side of Krakow.

During the first edition of the campaign (between the 9th of April and the 12th of June 2010), its organisers searched for book- and reading-friendly places in Krakow, involved in the promotion of reading. Thanks to the help of Krakow inhabitants, almost 50 such places were identified and awarded with the Zone certificates. These places were described in the first Literary Guide to Krakow, published on the 12th of June 2010 as a free supplement to Gazeta Wyborcza.

On the 25th of September 2010, the autumn edition of the Zone was organised. The aim was to activate the places that belong to the Zone and gather them around the Krakow Literary Portal at: To date (before May 2013), four editions of the Free Reading Zone event have been held.

The project is organised by the “Znaczy Się” New Art Foundation, Gazeta Wyborcza, the Krakow Festival Office, and the Book Institute. The Zone supported the City of Krakow in its attempts to be granted the title of a UNESCO City of Literature.


Aleja Waszyngtona and its vicinity
Buses and trams
Vistula Boulevards
The Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery
Cafe Philo
Cafe Rękawka
Cafe Szafe
Cheder Cafe
Dworek Białoprądnicki
Frania Cafe
Galeria Zderzak
Galeria Znaczy Się
Gazeta Cafe
Herbaciarnia Czarka
Holotecca at Hologram
The French Institute in Krakow
The Goethe Institute in Krakow
The Cervantes Institute in Krakow
The Kombinator Club
The Kuźnia Ośrodka Kultury im. Norwida Club
The Pod Jaszczurami Club
The Korporacja Ha!art Bookstore
The Bona Bookstore
The Czytanie Bookstore
The Matras Bookstore
The Pod Globusem Bookstore
The Znak Bookstore
Massolit Books & Cafe
The Manggha Centre of Japanese Art and Technology
Nowa Prowincja and Prowincja
The Nowa Huta Public Library, Branch no. 8
The Bednarski Park
Piękny Pies
Pijalnia Win Francuskich
The Jordan Park
The Botanic Garden of Jagiellonian University
The Planty Park
The Podgórze Public Library in Krakow
Satori Cafe Bistro
The Skałki Twardowskiego Park
Stuba św. Jana
The Book Fair in Krakow
The Groteska Puppet, Mask, and Actor Theatre
Villa Decius
The Regional Public Library in Krakow
The lake in Nowa Huta