Writing courses held by Foundation ZNACZY SIĘ

Since 2009, Foundation Znaczy się organizes a creative writing project. The project started with an open lecture by Marek Krajewski, the author of best-selling crime novels, which allowed the participants to broaden their knowledge of the writer’s workshop. The first edition of the Creative Writing Course took place between October 2009 and June 2010. Students had the opportunity to participate in workshops on writing fiction, reportage, biography, history, as well as literary criticism and editing. The classes were held by the leading figures of Polish fiction and non-fiction, as well as professional editors: Marek Krajewski, Mariusz Sieniewicz, Włodzimierz Kowalewski, Lidia Ostałowska, Wojciech Bonowicz, Dariusz Nowacki, Artur Wiśniewski and Filip Modrzejewski. Despite the niche nature of the course and the requirement to send five pages of own work as part of the enrolment, more than a hundred people applied for the first workshop, of whom fourteen were selected.

The year 2010 saw the second edition of the course. This time, only issues related to writing novels were emphasised. Therefore, the topics which the fifteen participants had to encounter were: selecting ideas, constructing the story, creating a character, managing the appropriate narrative, searching for sources, writing dialogues and developing the plot. Classes in the writer’s workshop were held by: Dariusz Nowacki, Marek Krajewski, Mariusz Sieniewicz and Włodzimierz Kowalewski. On the other hand, the novel editing workshop was held by Artur Wiśniewski.

In October of 2013, during the Conrad Festival, a series of meetings with Krakow publishers was held entitled ‘Everything a writer should know, before publishing a book.’ Topics related to a series of actions necessary to publish a book, such as the submission of a literary proposal, choosing a publisher, and working with the editor on the final shape of the book. The meetings were held by: Magdalena Zielińska (Znak Emotikon), Tomasz Brzozowski (Insignis), Wojciech Koranowicz (Matras), Artur Wiśniewski (Znak) and Andrzej Rabenda (POST).

In the same year, the Foundation Znaczy Się co-organised a competition Writer’s Workshop, the prize of which was a free writing workshop held by Marek Krajewski. A jury of editors of Krakow publishing houses chose fourteen most promising artists. The four-day classes were held in October during the Conrad Festival, and ended with an open lecture by Marek Krajewski.