SAGA creative workshops

Since 2012, the Decius Villa has implemented an educational project entitled Saga, which is a series of workshops in creative writing addressed to seniors. Saga is a proposal serving the education, integration and activation of older people, as well as utilising their knowledge and potential. The creative writing workshop is held by experienced writers and journalists, and its goal is to provide knowledge of the literary genres, and to familiarise with techniques of creating narration and constructing characters.

More than a hundred and fifty people have already graduated the creative writing workshop at the Decius Villa. The course is complemented by open meetings with the young, but also recognized writers and journalists.  So far the list included Dorota Masłowska, Magdalena Tulli, Wojciech Jagielski, Father Adam Boniecki, Andrew Muszyński, Michał Olszewski, Magdalena Kicińska and others. The program is complemented by a volunteers’ club SAGA – co-created by graduates of the project who want to share their knowledge, experience and skills with others.

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