Maria Kula – workshops, courses and a novel writing school

This is what Maria Kula speaks of herself:

My workshops and courses are for those who like to read and would like to write something themselves, but also for those who had never read or written before, but would like to try. I think that writing can be learned just like cooking, riding a bike, dancing samba and crocheting. Like any skill, writing can come to us as more or less easy. There are people who, after the first lesson of samba could go to Rio and show off in feathers, and there are those who need ten or twenty lessons. Somebody can bake a cake at the age of ten (I did mine without flour), and the other at the age of thirty, and not without clinging to a hyper-accurate recipe. But anyone, absolutely anyone can learn to bake a cake and dance the samba. And the same goes for writing.

I teach writing in workshops, courses, by working individually and in the School of Novel Writing. My classes are not lectures or classes in Polish; they are very practical and focused on writing.

The workshop lasts three hours. There is time to talk, but most of all, I suggest writing exercises. There are also plenty of inspiration, tips and ideas for writing. There is no place for criticism; the classes are the opportunity to see that writing can be fun and easy, and to find the ideas for it. The workshops take place in cafés, which favour a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, and where you can enjoy coffee and cookies. Each workshop has a different subject.

The courses are less focused on opening up for writing and stimulating the imagination, and more on concrete work. I run intensive courses: in novel writing: WRITE, PERIOD!, and in travel writing ON THE GO. Both will help you gain the skills necessary for good writing. In the classes, we immediately apply the knowledge in practice. There are no lectures, the courses are full of writing tasks, because I am determined for to each participant to significantly improve their skills.

School of Novel Writing lasts six months and is organised in such a way that allows you to complete a book. It is also a perfect solution for those who lack self-discipline in writing and postpone writing indefinitely. Classes are intense, but organised in such a way that I can work with each person individually. We discuss all the elements that make up a novel and of course everything is put immediately into practice.

Whether I run a workshop, a course or a class in school, development of the participants is what is the most important for me. I enjoy watching them draw pleasure and satisfaction from writing.