Authors and illustrators of children’s books

Since 1965 UNESCO has been pointing to Poland as a model country for creating art for children,, especially book illustration. Without a doubt, Krakow authors and illustrators of children’s books proudly cultivate these traditions and every year are awarded prizes and distinctions in prestigious competitions in Poland and abroad.

Anita Andrzejewska

Graduated from Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, a photographer and children’s books illustrator. She has won numerous international competitions and her illustrations have been awarded by IBBY. She designs art and educational books, many of which she co-created with Andrzej Pilichowski-Ragno. They designed, among others Małgorzata Strzałkowska’s Alfabet z obrazkami [Alphabet with pictures] (Nowa Era) and illustrations for the award-winning book by Anna Chachulska, Jak Stańczyk z dworzan żartował [How Stańczyk jested with the court] (Zamek Królewski na Wawelu). She runs artistic workshops for children and lives in Krakow.

Alicja Baluch

Literary scholar, critic and author; professor at the Faculty of 20th Century Polish Literature at the Pedagogical University in Krakow; author of numerous academic books and textbooks in the field of children’s and teenager’s literature; author of many children’s books, among others a collection of short stories Bajarz krakowski. Baśnie, legendy, opowieści i wiersze o dawnym i współczesnym Krakowie.[Krakow Story-teller. Fairy tales, fables,stories and poems about old and contemporary Krakow] (Skrzat). She lives in Krakow.

Janusz Bruchnalski

(1925 – 1980)

Graduated form Krakow Academy of Fine Arts in 1954. He designed book covers and book jackets, illustrations, posters, book typesets and musical scores. He designed publications for children for Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne.

Marcin Bruchnalski

Graduated with a degree in medicine and worked as a doctor for a few years when he decided to study at the Academy of Fine Arts. As a student he cooperated with children’s magazines. He illustrates fairy tales, designs book covers and sometimes paints for teenagers. In 1999 the book by Małgorzata Strzałkowska Rym, cym, cym, gdzieś mi z głowy uciekł rym (Santorski) with his illustrations was named Book of the Year by the Polish division of IBBY. He cooperates with several publishing companies in Poland and Europe. His illustrations are published in Świerszczyk magazine and educational publishing houses. He lives in Krakow.

Anna Chachulska

Art historian, head of the Educational Department at the Wawel Royal Castle where she gives museum lessons for children and classes for teachers. She wrote Wawel fables for the books published by the Royal Castle: Jak szewczyk smoka pokonał, Legenda o głowie wawelskiej, Jak stańczyk z dworzan zażartował. She co-authored children’s guidebooks Kraków i okolice and Zakopane i okolice (Skrzat) with Ewa Stadmuller. She lives in Krakow.

Ignacy Czwartos

Painter and illustrator, Ignacy Czwartos has taken part in numerous individual and group exhibitions. Alongside painting, he creates press and book illustrations. His illustrations were published, among others, in Świerszczyk magazine, Nowa Era textbooks, Historia Krakowa dla każdego [The History of Krakow for Everyone] (Wydawnictwo Literackie) and Przewodnik dla dzieci [A Guidebook for Children] (a series of National Museum in Krakow). He illustrated a series of books Na sygnale [Emergency] by Wojciech Feleszko published by Hokus Pokus. He lives in Krakow.

Łukasz Dębski

Graduated from the Jagiellonian University. He made his debut with a book for children Wiórki wiewiórki i inne bajki wierszem, published by Znak. He has written several dozens of children’s books, among others Łamisłówka, Krówki i mrówki i inne bajki wierszem, Wierszownik z podróży (Świat Książki), all of which were illustrated by his wife, Anna Kaszuba-Dębska. Several of them were translated into Czech, German, Russian and English. He is the winner of the national competition Pisz do Pilcha [Write to Pilch] organised by Polityka weekly. He lives in Krakow.

Antonina Domańska

(1853 – 1917)

Writer, author of novels and historical short stories for children. In 1865 she moved to Krakow and made her debut in 1890 with short stories published in Wieczory Rodzinne [Family Evenings]. She is the author of Historia żółtej ciżemki [The Story of the Yellow Shoe] i Paziowie króla Zygmunta [King Sigismund’s Pageboys]. In 1961 Sylwester Chęciński made a film based on The Story of the Yellow Shoe, starring Marek Kondrat as Wawrzuś, an apprentice of Veit Stoss.


Małgorzata Flis

Graduated from Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. She paints, draws with pastels, designs books and posters, but above all she loves to illustrate books for children – with watercolours, pastels or gouache. Her illustrations adorn, among others, Legendy polskie [Polish Fables] by Wanda Chotomska (Literatura) and a series about marmot Gwizdek by Barbara Gawryluk (Literatura). She sings early music. She lives in Krakow.

Barbara Gawryluk

Journalist, translator, a graduate of Swedish philology at the Jagiellonian University. She wrote several books for children. Her book Dżok. Legenda o psiej wierności [Dżok. A Story of Dog’s Devotion] (Literatura) has been recorded on the Golden List of the campaign Cała Polska czyta dzieciom [All Poland Reads to Children]. For her book Zuzanka z pistacjowego domu  (Literatura) she was granted the Kornel Makuszyński Award. On Radio Krakow she hosts Alfabet, a programme about books for children and teenagers. She lives in Krakow.

Anna Kaszuba-Dębska

Graduated from Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Painting and Faculty of Graphic Arts in the Workshop of Animation. She has been awarded numerous prizes and distinctions for her publications, among others by Talens company and IBBY. She has illustrated dozens of books, such as Krówki i mrówki i inne bajki wierszem, Łamisłówka, Wierszownik z podróży. She has created animated films, organised events dedicated to children’s literature and artistic workshops. In 2011 she finished doctoral studies at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in the Workshop of Book Design. She has participated in exhibitions in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia and the USA. She lives in Krakow.

Ludwik Jerzy Kern

(1921 – 2010)

Poet, satirist, journalist, translator of belles-lettres, lyricist. For many years he worked for the Krakow magazine Przekrój. Author of poems and books for children, among others Proszę słoniaKarampuk, and Ferdynand Wspaniały, which were translated into 20 languages and illustrated by another renowned Krakow artist, Kazimierz Mikulski. Based on his books animated films and bedtime cartoons were made. He wrote several hundred poems for children published by, among others, Wydawnictwo Literackie. He was a Knight of the Order of the Smile.

Aleksandra Kucharska – Cybuch

Graduated from Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Scenography. She creates drawings, illustrations, graphic art and stage design. She participated in numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad. She has illustrated more than 60 books for children and adults, among others A Christmas Carol byCharles Dickens, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by E.T.A. Hoffman, fairy tales

by Andersen and the Grimm brothers (Media Rodzina). She has done stage and costume designs for the Krakow Stary National Theatre and Groteska Theatre. She lives in Krakow.

Maria Orłowska – Gabryś

(1925 – 1988)

Graduated from Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, graphic designer and illustrator. She illustrated more than 100 books, among others Czarna owieczka [Black Sheep] by Jan Granowski, Szkolne przygody Pimpusia Sadełko [School Adventures of Pimpuś Sadełko]by Maria Kownacka, as well as novels by Astrid Lindgren, for example Mio mój Mio. Her drawings are realistic, yet fairylike and sentimental. Dwie Siostry publishing company reissued Cukiernia pod Pierożkiem z Wiśniami [The Confectionery Under the Cherry Pie] by Clare Compton with her illustrations in the series Mistrzowie ilustracji [Masters of Illustration].